This section showcases a body of work that differs from Klaus' projects which have a direct focus on museum culture, though many works are inspired by historic art and artefacts. As opposed to Klaus' museum photography to which no invasive post-camera image manipulation is applied, the still and moving images in this section could be described as digital photo-montages – whose origin nevertheless is always photographic.

The title 'Rarities in Pictures' is adopted from the second section of Sir Thomas' Browne's MUSÆUM CLAUSUM. This is in no way an attempt to (re)create Browne's inventory but rather taken as an inspiration to catalogue different works.

2. Three triptychs strangely reminding on Hans Memling's Last Judgement
and a picture of a peculiar flower-like shpere.

4. "The Picture of Discolulus", where the famous disc thrower looks somewhat 'flayed' and consists of worm-like body fragments, looking so disquieting the picture is covered with a black cloth.

more to be catalogued here soon...
5. An animated mural reminding of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper but where Christ is conspicuously absent.

7. An animated picture of a melancholic lone Eusebius The Younger, dressed in red, sourrounded by red candles, drinking red wine, smoking a red cigarette and eating red food, accompanied by the Spiritual
Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child".

6. A series of ten pictures of landscapes made with a special optical device that reveals the presence of creatures that are usually invisible to the human eye.

8. Pictures of Thirteen Marble Busts of Passionate Looks; of THYESTES when he was told at the Table that he had eaten a piece of his own Son; of BAJAZET when he went into the Iron Cage; of OEDIPUS when he first came to know that he had killed his Father, and married his own Mother; of TANTALUS when he understood that he will never reach any Grapes; of ORFEO when it became clear to him that looking at Euridice meant he would never see her again, of HEROD as he watched his beloved Daughter kissing the blooded Head of John the Baptist; of DORIAN GRAY when he set sight on his Picture the last time before he stabbed it; of PERSEUS as he beheld the Head of Medusa in his Shield’s Mirror so he would not turn to Stone; of BAUDRILLARD when he realised his Body was Reality; and of OTHERS not yet identified.

9. A Series of six Pictures from the FORBIDDEN COLLECTION of the HIEROPHILIA series, showing structures strangely reminding on reliquary shrines, made from body parts, some looking very much like human genitalia, the pictures viewed to be so corruptive that it is only allowed to look at each for eight and a half seconds at one time to protect the eye from overexposure to such abject image material.

10. PERSEUS, a picture of the arm of the beheading hero holding the head of the beheaded MEDUSA with drops of sheer gold dripping from the wounds. The picture, rolled up and placed into a drop of the finest golden glass
as A MESSAGE FROM THE EDGE and forever sealed and suspended
in Michael Petry's GOLDEN RAIN at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

11. A noble Head of Eusebius The Younger, three times thrice, who, being imprisoned by melancholia grew bold overnight and is seen here contemplating his fate.

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3. A Series of eight Pictures, entitled "Body & Soul", showing precariously balanced Human Pyramids
strangely reminding on reliquary shrines.
1. An animated mural depicting an everlasting post-disaster press conference.