Y no hai remedio
(Press Conference)


Life size projection, endless loop
(vocals by Darren Francis)

Y no hai remedio (Press Conference), 1 minute sample, from Museum Clausum on Vimeo.


Installation: The video is to be projected in near life size (approximately 10m wide) in a darkened space. Museum barriers keep visitors at a distance from the projected image with some visitor benches in front of the barrier. In the in space between the barrier and the projection roughly in the middle of the scene is a small speaker on the ground from which the sound can be heard.

The visual set-up of Y no hai remedio (Press conference) is a reference to a post-disaster press conference – witnesses, friends and family of victims often appear at press conferences in the aftermath of catastrophes. At the same time there is avisual reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.  The title is inspired by one of the prints from Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ series, and could be translated as ‘And there is nothing to be done’. All protagonists are played by myself; all are displaying a range of emotions, mostly of distress and sadness, visibly edited into a slightly absurd stream of changing and performed scenes.  
In contrast to the ‘loud’ circus in the limelight that is the ‘press conference’ is the muteness of the gestures of the protagonists.  Also in contrast to the buzz of the public performance is the overlaid a cappella version of the Spiritual ‘Sometimes I feel like a motherless Child’, intended to appear like a pained and lonely ‘inner voice’.
Regarding the reference to da Vinci’s Last Supper, the position of Christ is left empty, which in a wider sense intends to refer to the contemporary disappearance of overarching meta-narratives that provided 'comfort' and a framework for the self and a suggestion that the vacuum this leaves behind is hidden by a seemingly trivial heavily mediated self performance – that nevertheless is a cathartic expression of real trauma and deeply seated melancholia.
Klaus Wehner, July 2016

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